Dreadlock Extensions...

Human hair extensions

Hair extensions vary in price depending on the length etc.


I have a colour wheel with 70 colours to colour match your hair. This gives a seamless result.



Human hair (18") is approximately (prices may vary);

£85 for 120g 

£170 for 240g 


120g should do about 20 dreadlocks

This equates to about half a head 

Please be aware these approximations are to give you an idea of cost and should not be taken as a fixed quote.


Some people will have very thick hair while others may have very thin. You can have anything from 15 dreadlocks to 150 dreadlocks depending on your hair type and thickness.




colour wheel.jpg

I have recently changed the way I make and install dreadlocks.

There are pros and cons to the different methods used.


Methods between locticians vary, and whilst there is no right and wrong;  experience has taught me that it is best to make up the dreadlocks while you, the client is present.

What this means is that I will no longer pre-dread the hair before your appointment.

Please see the images below (these extensions were not done by me) 

These dreads were made beforehand and then installed when the client arrived to have their hair dreaded.

What you are seeing below is that the extensions are too heavy and fat for the section of hair, and as a consequence they are pulling away from the original dreadlock.

This is not the fault of the loctician, however it results in a dread which will at some point need reattaching and that isn't a bespoke size for that specific section on the head.

Overloaded root
Thinning join

The pros of this method are that the client has to sit for perhaps 1 or 2 sessions rather than 2 or 3. 

However given the expense of having extensions I no longer offer the pre dreaded method.


This does require you to sit for longer unfortunately, but it will mean that you walk away with (in my experience) a superior and permanent end result.

I have added a few more photos below to illustrate why it is difficult to know how thick to make a pre dreaded extension.

As you can see from these images, the section size and dreadlock thickness varies greatly. I've intentionally presented examples of clients with varying hair and dreads to illustrate the point.

When pre dreading the extensions they tend to all be the same thickness. In addition to this certain areas on your head have fewer hairs and will naturally require a slightly thinner extension.

A common pre agreed thickness is "sharpie" (pen) thickness.

As you can see this would over stress the root in some of the examples below.

If you have any other questions regarding dreadlock extensions please contact me directly.

Thank you 

Thicker dreads
Finer hair
Thicker dreads