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My name is Rachael.  I started my dreadlock business, primarily as a way to meet new and interesting people. 

Dreadlocks are a journey and I love the happiness it brings people, to start them on their way.

I have had clients with existing dreads; whose hair I have re-sectioned to get the look they were after because they were not listened to the first time.  This is why I always take the time to discuss the outcome you are after, before we start.

As we progress I'll consult with you to ensure you're happy.

It's really important to me, that we get it right.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.

You'll find links to my Facebook page; where you'll see reviews from my clients and Instagram; where there are plenty of examples of my work.

I work evenings and weekends. Please get in touch x

Thank you for your interest

kindest regards